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GBWhatsApp APK is a widely popular mod of the official WhatsApp Messenger. Download the latest version of the GB WhatsApp for your Android device here. This modified version of WhatsApp Messenger offers unique and useful features. It is also known as GBWA, GB Plus, and GB WhatsApp Pro.

Life has become fast and global now a days. Many ways of communications are introduced. Most fastest way of commucations like text messages, images and video sharing. In this scenerio WhatsApp is the best and the fast package for all kind of communication. You can start an amazing new journey of online communication across the Internet via WhatsApp massenger.

GBWhatsApp Apk is the best alternative of Official Whatsapp. Which provides various interesting features which are not available in the official WhatsApp massenger. You can customize your chats with cool interface, change diffrent font styles. 

Here in this article, detailed description about the new features of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk like hiding online status, DND Mod, Autoreply, and much more is described below, So stay tuned with us.

What Is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is an Apk file that is modified cersion of the official WhatsApp application with some latest and astonishing modifications.

GBWhatsApp Apk is a 3rd party application which is not related to the creators of WhatsApp Inc. This application was developed by independent developers “AlexMods”. Developers of GB WhatsApp have modified some of the limitations which were quite frustrating and annoying on the official application to make user experience great.

GBWhatsApp Apk also added some new features that are not part of the standard app, which makes the new GBWhatsApp Apk more desirable!

I’ll discuss all the features of GBWhatsApp Apk in the upcoming paragraphs.

Name GBWhatsApp Apk
Size 76 MB
Last Updated 1 Day Ago
Downloads 12,000,000+
Developer Alex Mods
License Type Freeware
Version v17.85
Androrid Version 4.5+
Official Website

What Is GB WhatsApp Pro?

As the name of the application indicates, GB WhatsApp Pro is a Pro mod Of GbWhatsApp and provides some pro-class services such as Anti-revoke messages, changing the customization of the application, advanced privacy and security options, more fun, and more enjoyment!

You all must be aware of WhatsApp Inc, an app launched back in 2009 and very soon gained popularity due to its incredible services. This application provides the clients an option to call their loved ones via audio or video call, minimizing the distance between their loved ones. Communication was brought to the human fingertips.

WhatsApp Inc was a great discovery but with time, the repeated features of the app started getting boring and people started asking for more.

Why Selecting GBWhatsApp Apk?

For those who love to experience new things, GBWhatsApp Apk is for them. But the guaranteed thing is they won’t be able to stop themselves from using it!

GBWhatsApp Apk rapidly gained popularity and according to previous year records, more than 500 million people on the globe have installed GBWhatsApp Apk on their devices.

An option to mute messages and calls, the ability to design your application interface cool as per your choice, advanced privacy options, the ability to lock your specific chats, and much more are provided by this amazing app.

GBWhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp

Here is a basic comparison between the features of official WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp to help you decide which one is better for you.

GBWhatsApp WhatsApp
Voice, Video, & Group Calling Voice, Video, & Group Calling
Channels & Community Channels & Community
Third-Party Backup G-Drive Backup
Privacy and Security (5/5) Privacy and Security (2/5)
Advanced Customizations
Disable Calls
Long Status
Send Big Files
Send High-Quality Images
Disable Forword Limit
Auto Reply
Message Scheduler


Let’s get a dive through all the features provided by this incredible application;

  • Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do Not Disturb mode or you can also call it the airplane mode of the application. By turning this feature on you will not get any call or message notification from the application.

It happens to many people that they open their device to complete a certain task which may be their office work or their school, or college assignment but a message notification from their friend disturbs them and they lose all their focus from what they are doing.

But now you can simply focus on what you are doing, either using another app or doing a specific task, simply switch on the DND Mode from the app settings and peacefully continue with your work!

  • Anti-Revoke messages

With Anti revoke message feature users have the ability to see the deleted messages.

This feature is also a solution for your curiosity. If a person sends you a message and then deletes it for everyone, before you could see it, now by default this app makes you able to see all those deleted messages.

This means that now once something gets entered into your account, you can control it the way you want. Isn’t it Amazing?

  • Increased Media Files Sending Capacity

GBWhatsApp Apk allows you to send as many media files as you want, without any limitations or restrictions.

Previously on the official  you can only send 30 media files in one go, if you want to send more than 30 pictures or video files then you have to perform the same action multiple times.

But now with GBWhatsApp Apk, you can send the upto 90 images and media files in one go. No need to worry just select the images and hit the send button. Those files will be delivered without causing any problems.

  • Enhanced Privacy Options

GbWhatsApp Apk provides you with a more advanced privacy option. Enhance the privacy of your account and application simply by visiting the app settings. They include ;

  • Hide Blue Ticks

These blue ticks appear when the message has been seen by the recipient.

The concept of these double blue marks is that whenever someone sends a message to their friend or relative, and when the receiver opens the chat and reads it, the sender will see two blue ticks under that message.

Now with GbWhatsApp Apk users have the option of whether they want their blue ticks to remain on or off them, so that nobody will be notified about whether you have seen their message or not.

  • Hide Active Status

Gbwhatsapp Apk allows its clients to hide the active status of their profile.

Whenever a person is on the platform of the application right at the moment, “online” starts appearing under their names in their friend's applications.

Now they can also control it, if they don’t want anyone to be aware of their active status they can do so by simply turning this feature on from their application settings.

  • Hide Typing Status

Another advanced privacy feature is that you can hide your typing status.
When writing a reply to your companion, he or she will not be able to predict whether you are typing a reply for them or not.

Simply visit the settings of your application and turn this feature on if you don’t want people to know about when you are typing a reply for them.

  • Themes

Another great feature of GbWhatsApp is changing themes. GbWhatsApp Apk provides you the option to select the theme of your choice.

Unlike the official WhatsApp where no matter what you have to go with the same green and white theme. GBWhatsApp Apk allows you to design the layout of your app as per your choice.

The application is already filled with great options of themes but the creators are trying to upload more and more outstanding themes for the app so that you can have different flavors to choose from.

  • Bulk Sender

Bulk Sender is an option that will enhance your fun, providing you the option to send a great bundle of messages without any limitations. So if you want to joke with your friend this will help you to plan a proper prank and execute it on any of your friends.
Send unlimited numbers of messages without any restrictions and without any worries.

  • Hide Status Seen

This feature will help you to remain low profile. Meaning if you don’t want anyone to be notified when you have seen their status you can simply turn it off. This will let you be able to remain low profile.

Now what happens, WhatsApp Inc has set a proper mechanism that whenever someone sees your uploaded status you will be able to see them by simply opening the viewer's list.

This feature of GbWhatsApp Apk will help you so that your name will not be mentioned in that list, whenever you see someone's status.

  • App Lock

Now you don’t have to worry about your application security as GbWhatsApp Apk provides you the entire authority to deal with your downloaded Apk app the way you want.

If you have a fear of your app being opened by someone, who can barge in your device, just simply set a proper lock for your app. After which application will not get opened until you provide that specific key.

Select a lock from a PIN, a password, a fingerprint lock, or a pattern.

  • Auto-Reply

This feature will deal with the people on your behalf once provided the authority. This feature is useful when you are preoccupied with something and not able to answer a message at the moment.

This feature is especially of great help to businessmen who have to deal with a number of people at a time.

You can use this feature by setting specific responses to some specific messages. So whenever someone sends you a message among those selected ones the app will generate the saved response and send it on your behalf. Simple!

  • Download Status

This application will provide you an option to download the status of your choice from your application status section.

This feature lifts off the need to ask specifically the owner for sending that status. You can simply get what you want on your device by following the simple downloading procedure provided to you by the app.

This was all that I thought was necessary for you guys to know before downloading this Apk application on your device.

How to Download GbWhatsApp Apk?

As I Have told you already, Apk files are not present on the Google Play Store, and downloading them is a little different from downloading the Google Play Store app.

To download the GbWhatsApp Apk follow these simple steps;

After following all these steps you will be able to enjoy all the features mentioned above, freely on your device!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you download GbWhatsApp Apk on your device?

You can get this amazing application on your device from this page. Although there are a number of platforms offering you to download the GBWA from their page, they may not be a safe place to use. Different websites are nothing but scams.

It is the best and the safest option to prefer this webpage and get the official version of GBWA on your device.

What is the most secure feature of GbWhatApp?

As I have already mentioned the app is loaded with new and advanced features. But talking about only one single feature, I would say the Fingerprint Lock of GBWA is the most secure one!

What to do if my WhatsApp Account has been banned?

To remove the ban from your account you have to follow a simple procedure of sending an email to “[email protected]” and asking them to remove your number from the ban list.

The other thing you can do is to wait for three months after which your account will be removed from the ban list on its own.

Is GbWhatsApp Apk safe to use?

Of course! GbWhatsApp Apk is just as safe as the other applications you use. It is introduced to you guys after a number of testing and retesting. Once it was confirmed that the app was safe to use. It was launched in the market.

Can I Use GbWhatsApp Apk and WhatsApp Inc. on the same devices?

The answer is a big YES. You can use WhatsApp Inc. and GbWhatsApp Apk on the same device provided that both these applications contain different phone numbers.

Is it possible to transfer my WhatsApp Inc. data to GbWhatsApp Apk?

Yes. GbWhatsApp Apk provides an option for data transfer. This option will enable you to transfer your old account data to this new one. In Fact, you can transfer the entirety of your WhatsApp account!

Will I get a ban by the officials for using GBWA?

Of course Not! GbWhatsApp Apk has an inbuilt anti-ban feature. This will help you to protect your account from getting banned.

Getting banned was a problem users faced when using the old versions of GbWhatsApp. This version of GBWA is free of such problems.

Final Word

GbWhatsApp Apk is a best instant messaging app with lot of features according to user need and give them all the reasons to stick to the application. Downloading GbWhatsApp Apk on your device will be one of the best decisions that you guys could ever make. So delay no more and get this application on your device now!